I help you become fitter, slimmer, healthier or just big and strong.

Guaranteed result

Tailored food schedules

Known from television

With 13 successful years in the business, I have already helped many people achieve their goals.

I help you with losing weight, physical complaints and / or building muscle mass. Do you want to finally get your goal, sign up via the form below if you want to get a free trial training and experience it yourself!

Why choose me?

  • Significant results
  • Personalized diet plans
  • Person-oriented training
  • Lasting wheight loss
  • Flexible training times
  • Certified trainer and nutritionist
  • Known from TV: Personal Trainer of OG3NE at the SBS6 programm ‘Vet Fit’.

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    The concept

    Are you looking for a place to exercise in Rotterdam and do you want to do so under the guidance of a qualified personal trainer? Then you are in the right place with me! With the unique concept you will achieve your fitness goals. We want you to book a personal training session twice a week so that there is always close contact with your trainer and he will also explain why of customized nutrition advice. We also ensure the correct dose of motivation and an effective training week. These ingredients together form the basis for a healthy lifestyle.

    I am specialized in personal training!

    Send me a messageΒ for a free training session.

    “In 2008 I started training with Jer, I weighed 66 kg, three days a week strength training for four years and with good nutrition schemes I have gained 25 kg muscle mass. I no longer live in the Netherlands but we are still big buddies. a nickel with enormous expertise! ”

    * Results achieved will vary per person.


    “Jeremy has changed my life, I’m not only slimmer, but also stronger, I’ve had several trainers before and no one managed to lose weight, already losing 12 kilos in 3 months.”

    * Results achieved will vary per person.


    “I experience Jeremy as a personal trainer full of knowledge about the body and a trainer who pulls you along in his enthusiasm and I am now a student of Jeremy for 5 months, he always succeeds in challenging me in a pleasant and varied way. To explore physical limits My overall condition has improved and I am stronger than ever before Jeremy is actively involved in achieving your goals in the way that appeals to you the most.After every training I come back home satisfied, because it feels good to work on a healthier body. ”

    * Results achieved will vary per person.


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